Chirpy the Chick's Easter Adventure

Chirpy learns the true meaning of Easter.
16th April 2017

The fourth Chirpy cartoon was originally going to be "Chirpy the Chick's Christmas Adventure" and I was intending to release it in December 2016. I animated most of it but didn't quite finish it in time for Christmas, so it's going to have to be some future December now and the actual fourth episode is an Easter cartoon instead. Chirpy the Chick's Easter Adventure is pretty simple compared to the Christmas Adventure but there's more going on here than in the first 3 episodes, which I made over a year earlier - different "camera angles", different methods of animation etc - it's all progress, which is exactly what I'm trying to achieve by making these cartoons.

Does the Easter Bunny traditionally hatch out of an Easter egg? I don't know, but I can tell you that I have even more respect for Weebl now that I've animated a rolling egg, it wasn't as easy as I expected to make it look decent. Those Easter eggs are Sackinima colours, which I suppose is an Easter egg of a different kind. There's also a giant cabbage or something in the sky, maybe one day that reference will make sense? Hopefully.

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