Hello! My name is Adam, but you may know me better by my initials ARD, which I've been using online for something like 20 years now. These days it's very hard to register a 3 letter username anywhere so I'll often use "Cogmonkey" instead, named after my logo which I originally created in the 2008 PS3 game LittleBigPlanet and have been using variations of ever since.

I spent much of my youth drawing comics and creating animations and those are hobbies I've been revisiting in recent years. I have previously hosted a series of daily comics on this site and am planning to do something similar again in the future. I also have a few new animations in the works which are partially complete. But those things are mostly on the backburner at the moment while I work on the Crash Bandicoot level editor I've somehow ended up making. You can read more about my current projects here. Below are links to some of my online profiles, my contact details and the other websites that I run.








The Warp Room

Email: adam@cogmonkey.com

Discord: ARD#7106
Hello to anyone reading the source code of this page. I'm afraid this little hidden block of text isn't an exciting easter egg or anything like that, it's here to stretch this page out to the correct width because I'm an idiot and I have no idea how to make websites so I have to bodge it sometimes. Don't tell anyone. Have an amazing day, you deserve it.
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