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Hello! My name is Adam, sometimes known around the internet as "Cogmonkey", though you may also know me as "ARD" or some other things. Welcome to!

I created this website so I could put all the things I make in one place which I can organise however I want, because otherwise it's all just spread across different social media accounts and nobody can ever find anything.

At the moment, the "things I make" include the webcomic/daily doodle project I'm trying to work on throughout 2018 and occasionally some silly Flash cartoons. You can learn more about each of those things on the comics and animations pages of this site and check out everything I've posted so far from there. I'll also keep this homepage up to date with the latest stuff I've added. And I've made a FAQ page too, because it's my website and I can do whatever the faq I want.

I'll post news and announcements and stuff below if and when I have things to say, it will be like a blog but less functional. Thanks for stopping by!

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News and things

2nd February 2018 - Mobile Version
I realised that this website was pretty annoying to view on a phone so I've made a mobile version which was actually much easier than I thought it would be so I should have done this before I opened the site. I mean I probably missed something important so it might be horrible on your phone, but it works on mine so I'm happy with it. It's not 100% done yet, the comic archive page is a bit messy but actually reading the comics is much nicer now which I think is more important.

1st February 2018 - Site Launch
It's official, the official Cogmonkey website,, is officially open! It would have been neater if I had opened this site on 1st January instead but it pretty much would have just been a few cartoons about a baby chicken. At least now there's a month's worth of comics which is slightly further from zero content than it would have been. Hopefully there will be a lot more stuff on here in the future and this place doesn't just wither and die like every other personal website I've ever made. I'm pretty optimistic about it. I made a short video to advertise the launch of this website and explain to my YouTube audience what I'm doing, I think it's actually kinda cool so have a look if you want. This little news post is really just an excuse to have a news section, I will probably never even update this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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